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Discussion Random facts about you!

8/3/2018, 7:26 pm
If there is anything you want to share about yourself, whether it's weird, random or fascinating, you can share it here!

Here are a few about me:
My great grandfather's cousin was Albert Einstein.
I am 6'2, 164-168lb (it changes frequently idk)
I have played 29xx MMO/MMORPG/Virtual World games in my life, because when I was young I didn't get any new games much at all, so I played a lot of MMOs  of all kinds to fill the void.

If you have anything you wanna share, share it.

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do a kickflip maybe
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Discussion Re: Random facts about you!

9/3/2018, 1:27 am
Perfect I have some random facts about myself as well:
-I'm always Zeraslight except on the PSN where I'm Temuedschin36.
--> Zeraslight is a Combination from Zeratul a hero from Starcraft 2 and Lightning the main Protagonist from Final Fantasy 13
-I have a list from all games that I played until now. It's 377 at the moment.
-My favourite Gaming Character out of all games is Weavel a Space Pirate from Metroid Prime Hunters.
-My favourite Game of all time is Star Wars Battlefront 2 with "some" mods. To be honest I installed so many mods for it
that It's like a new game :D
-Since I was a kid I liked to be creative and because I can't draw I started creating levels in Little Big Planet. Now I'm working on a RPG Maker 2003
project named "Tale of Zeraslight" since 3 years which will be finished this year. It's 100% in german so it isn't so interesting for most of you but
I think it turned out to be a pretty huge and deep story game which shows what influenced me in my first 20 years.

Enough random stuff for now from my side.

Random facts about you! KSsDcbF
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Discussion Re: Random facts about you!

16/3/2018, 2:20 pm
-ToasterNinja is my name on everything.
--> Toaster rhymes with my first name, Ninja comes from the fact that I have the same birthday as Ryu Hayabusa.
-My favourite Gaming Character of all time would have to be Dante from Devil may cry.
-My favourite Game of all time is Parasite Eve.
-I don't have much time for video games nowadays. I'm currently attending university to get my Degrees in both Economics and French. After that I plan on enrolling in Law School. When I'm not working or studying I am working out. Currently on a cut for the next 4 months.
-I do volunteer work at a local homeless shelter once a week.
-I am 6'5
-I have the musical taste of a stoner but I don't smoke weed.
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Discussion Re: Random facts about you!

10/4/2018, 3:11 pm
-I'm Chinese-American and I'm from the West Coast.
-Before getting into Yakuza, I drifted around a lot of things--Mega Man, Pokemon, Touhou, etc.--but I'm the type of person who has a lot of low-key interests instead of fixating on just a few.
-I have a lot of different profile names for things. O1athe was something that I settled on pretty recently.
-The most recent book I finished was The Blade Itself and the most recent movie I watched was Loving Vincent.
-I played Sam and Max Hit the Road today. It was a ride.
-I recently got a used copy of Dead Souls on the cheap; I'm honestly kind of excited to try it out.

Random facts about you! Smug_t10
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Discussion Re: Random facts about you!

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