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Article Can anyone can fill more information in Yakuza wiki for anything?

12/8/2018, 7:02 am
Hey,I'm looking for any user who interest filling more information for anything in Yakuza wiki. Yakuza Wiki

Some information are not done rather stub or left some.unfinished story. all also create new page of names from characters,items,weapons,vehicles,locations,games and everything you want on there. The background was old for Yakuza 4 so I'd like anyone who can change the background to Yakuza 6 or Yakuza kiwami 2 or rather Yakuza 3 remaster who were released in few days. if you feel you want add some menu list on infobox that would help improve for updating.,try it. . So I thought it would be great welcoming more users joining in and filling more information for Yakuza wiki! Japanese users are welcome though. If you understand japanese than me,can you fill more information even spoilers that can help any people speak english can read the translation japanese to english since Yakuza is english and not Ryu ga gotoku?

Please for me guys? Either ways,it's all up to you all whenever you in or out. Thanks! Let me know your opinions Jun Oda !
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Article Re: Can anyone can fill more information in Yakuza wiki for anything?

23/10/2018, 10:31 pm
Are they planning to bring back kaoru sayama on the game? Specially on the remastered version of yakuza 3-5 and on the upcoming yakuza 7? Before they end the story of kiryu cuz on the start of hakuza 3 kaoru went to US to do some stuff over there and after that we didnt hear anything from her cuz she said to kiryu that "when incame back ill go and look for you" this just gives alot of question to us. Do they have a plan to bring her back? If yes thats good to know if no...... why?
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